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                  By: John Burt Caylor

         Installment Today 01/24/2017 Today I out “federal Judge Roger Vinson a FISA court judge”, protecting the drug importation network who gave orders to have me arrested and jailed on December 16, 2016 at Panama City, Florida. The FBI’s Violent Crime/Gang Task Force flew in to protect me for 5 days while I was at Bay Medical Center prior to spending Christmas and New Year’s Day in jail for a 2009 First Amendment case.

Vinson and Senator Jeff Sessions have protected the drug smuggling network launched by Russia’s KGB at Mobile, Alabama to destroy America since their appointments. Senator Sessions about to be confirmed as United States Attorney General. They both have used the cover of National Security Interests to keep the network’s operations quiet, secret from public view. In July 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald spoke to the Society of Jesus at Springhill College. The Communist plan is being outed in the next few installments as I am up to my ass in alligators and trying to drain the swamp.

 In early 2010 I found concrete proof of the plan overthrow America with a Mafia State by reading KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn’s memos to the CIA. He was a Soviet KGB defector and author of two books about the long-term deception strategy of the KGB leadership.

He was born in Piryatin, Ukrainian SSR. He provided "a wide range of intelligence to the CIA on the operations of most of the 'Lines' (departments) at the Helsinki and other residencies, as well as KGB methods of recruiting and running agents." He is an Honorary Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)[citation needed] and, as late as 1984, and by being introduced to Dick Owen at Bay Minette, Al.

John, do you think the Boys will be able to pull it off without Gunplay?

           I Don’t Believe they will and I’m getting out now!

            “Quote, Dick Owen, United States Attorney John Cherry’s law Partner.”

“Dick is referring to plan to overthrow America and bring about a new form of Fascism and a Mafia State”

This is the true story of America’s battle for its soul and continued existence, a showdown between Good versus Evil. A fight immediately upon us from the long hot summer of 2016, Fall and now the New Year with the inauguration of fascist-Communist compromised President Donald Trump. 

It’s a fight we must join while it is peaceful, otherwise we will be consumed by non-stop violence and bloodshed resulting from our indifference. 

It’s a battle no one, rich, poor, regardless of your status will be able to avoid, a catalytic event set to destroy the very foundations of Earth’s democracies and established systems of justice and fairness. If we lose it will lead to slave labor and exploitation following famine, suffering and despair.

The war against us is being waged from well-planned and implemented endemic corruption through an Alliance of Shadow Men from within our governmental institutions and law enforcement agencies. It is the culmination of a plan implemented by the Russian KGB before November 22, 1963 and launched with the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.  The KGB’s master plan was started in earnest at Mobile, Al when Lee Harvey Oswald gave a speech at Springhill College the request of his first cousin Eugene John Murrett. 

The story is being told by myself, John Caylor, an experienced in-the trenches Investigative Journalist with help and collaboration from other experienced licensed investigators, law enforcement officers and citizen researchers who have documented and analyzed a plan to destroy America from within by thugs, tyrants and criminals, the same variety of people who seized power in Europe leading to World War II. 

Records reveal at the close of World War II in 1945 on Florida highway 30-A Seaside, FL. Joseph Smolian a German architect purchased 81 acres of land. Apparently to establish the area for launching the Fourth Reich a mixture of Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Lenin “Kleptocracy”. A new form of Mafia State where criminals and oligarchy rule by chaos.

Joseph Smolian married Minnie and later changed his last name Davis like all other Germans after coming to the United States in the early 30’s. The United States Central Intelligence Agency also purchased land there to transition America and the world into a new form of government modeled upon both fascism and communism   - Kelptocracy - so our story begins on the run from law enforcement.

I believe America is one God’s most precious creations and regardless of how many of our citizens are ready to throw in the towel on her, she is well worth fighting for and losing our lives for if need be.

American’s natural born peoples and recent immigrants share good well-meaning hearts and strive to help others in their time of need as we all travel the path in pursuit of happiness.

   The battle comes at a dangerous time as both China and Russia have invested in our departure into the graveyard of civilizations and stand ready to attack us. Fortunately, their advance attack plans to us from within as they have already set in motion best laid plans to take our nation without 2009, my new wife Donna Marie Davis, a skilled assassin was sent by “The Boys” to end my life.

Donna was a Bridesmaid in US Attorney John Cherry’s Virginia wedding years before she was sent to off me. She had me at Dick and John’s Bay Minette Office to sign deed papers putting her on my Enterprise home.  The inner circle of close friends includes…

Donna Marie Davis – Bi-sexual assassin trained at Seaside, FL. formerly Mrs. Caylor

US District Judge Virginia Smith - Ginny Grande – Bisexual  

Behind Removing Alabama Supreme Court Judge Roy Moore.

United States Federal Judge Virginia Smith Granade, from Virginia

 federal Judge Kristi Dubose, from Brewton, AL

   I’m still hiding and on the run from the State of Alabama on arrest warrants for publishing the original story below and expunged criminal records of Scott Smith III, Trafficking in Meth arrest in 2001. Jeff Sessions installed Smith clerking and writing court opinions for Judge Granade and Kristi DuBose. Back to the network and its roots.

Lawmakers in Alabama,” specifically Roger Bedford”, whom John Wolfe, Sr. an Enterprise, Alabama, cocaine-pilot-smuggler bought a Cadillac for in 1994, introduced and secured passage of Alabama 15-27-16 a 2014 law nullifying the First Amendment, issuing prior-restraint on the media and general public making it a criminal offense to publish expunged criminal records of persons often engaged in continuous criminal enterprises.

It was Roger Bedford’s last attempt on behalf of the Dixie Mafia whose members wanted to shield their family and associates to promote them in their criminal enterprises from within law enforcement and the state and federal courts.

 My source back in 1994 was lifelong friend Robin Earl Morgan a Cotter family member and business partner to Johnny Wolfe who pointed me to the incorporation docs of STN, In. set up by federal Judge Mark Fuller (Southeast Telecommunications Network, Inc.) along with state Representative Garreth Moore to facilitate secret communications between cocaine importers, street distributors and dealers much like my ex-brother-in-law, Gary (Robert)  Davis family in Baldwin County, Alabama uses to communicate with their dealers in Foley, Brewton and Southwest  Alabama.

Robin Earl suggested I secure loan documents and court filings of a loan and other bad paper to STN at Citizens Bank at Enterprise as it was done to hide a link to Colonial Bank and CIA General Bowen Ballard and John Wolfe, Sr. and quite possibly, Qualico Steel owner John E. Downs at Webb, Al who figures prominently in my investigations.



Downs and Wolfe link to other cabal members and Dothan Deputy Police Chief, Carlton Ott a former gasoline station owner working his way up inside the organization offloading cocaine from Wolfe’s 18 wheeler car transports laden with cars from Miami and Orlando in the 90’s.  more on this later currently;     

A US Marshall Josh DeVine, apparently employed by US Senator Jeff Sessions, federal Judge Granade and the Cocaine Cabal is currently hot on my trail trying declare me as a Terrorist so I can be killed or shirted off to Guantanamo Bay.

Smith III, expunged criminal records are on the front page of and show how it’s done – infiltration of the court and the nations law enforcement agencies by hiding documents and court records of family kinship relations at Dothan, Al and other cities.

Other key targets looked at in league with the Cocaine Cabal are Dothan Police Stephen Parrish who is suspected to be a close relative and family member to former Houston County Coroner, Hilton Parrish.

Parrish was known for handing out Mafia murder contracts to killers including Daniel Lloyd McCllean and Gilbert Brannon who were prime suspects in the Robert and Kathryn McRae murders at Graceville, FL. in 1989. 

Mr. McRae shown with wife above was on the auditing committee for Southern Company which has nuclear plants whose waste byproducts spent uranium rods can be separated to make Plutonium the key ingredient for nuclear bombs on an average of each 7 to 8 years of operation.

The waste is stored on-site in sealed holding ponds at the Farley Nuclear Plant near Gordon, Al and was protected by DSI Security owned by Houston County Sheriff, A.B. Clark a Dixie Mafia associate who was promoted in his security business by Herbert Meisler a Ukrainian Jew, transplanted himself from Dallas, Texas, to Mobile, AL six months after the 1963 JFK assassination.

Meisler is reportedly the unseen figure-head of the Russian Mafia in the US whose empire includes Colonial Mortgage, Engel Mortgage and Colonial Properties Trust which owns and controls thousands of US apartment communities he was business partners to the CIA’s bankers at Central Bank of Alabama and Colonial bank.

Clark’s DSI had US government contracts to guard US military installations and ports until I told the FBI Clark’s DSI connections to Meisler in 2010.  In the 80’s through my Resort Information Systems, Inc. company I sold-installed-programed and managed Meisler’s Edgewater Beach condominium computers and accounting systems at Panama City Beach, Fl. I obtained confidential records used in this series of articles.

At the time of auditing committee members and their wives execution style deaths, a secret Atlanta federal grand jury was looking into Southern company’s business associations and dealings as yet, another Southern Company auditing committee member and his wife were offed the same weekend in North Alabama.

 All were reported to have been shot to death execution style. Having been part of the investigation shut down in the name of national Security the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) called me to their Atlanta offices in 1998 to give me an updated briefing on the case in which the United States Attorney conducting the grand jury investigation had disappeared. 


Hilton Parrish was also a member of the southeast Medical Center Hospital Board which was in business with organized crime for many years.    Without DeVine’s knowledge I taped a cell phone call he made to me trying to get this story down and force me to surrender, the tape is on the front page of

This is the real story of the people and players who trafficked in drugs by the cargo plane load in America. They gained money and tremendous political power.

These people are the ones who destroyed America and its communities laying waste to millions American lives. Scott Smith III had his criminal record of his arrest when he was 22 years old hidden, never prosecuted because of who he is and gained his Bar Certification to Clerk inside the federal Court at Mobile, Al of Virginia Smith Granade and Kristi DuBose, apparently as a plant for the Mafia.

Smith is the grandson of Dixie Mafia boss Thomas Scott Smith, Sr. currently of Defuniack Springs, Fl. 

Tom Smith Senior’s criminal operation is involved in RICO murder, running machine guns, trafficking in drugs, running prostitutes, selling stolen cars, money laundering and they did national distribution of cocaine using their Toyota dealerships in connection with Toyota of the Southeast.

Today I again out Dixie Mafia associates and Shadow Men who always show up at Mafia funerals. I’ve been covering Mafia funerals since the late 80’s. Earl K. Durden’s -


Jeb Bush and his Dixie Mafia Associate Toxic Waste Disposal King and D.O.T Chairman Earl K. Durden 

 is the only one I’ve missed but the Shadow Men there included Charles Whitehead the Dixie Mafia Ruler and Former Chairman of the Florida Democratic Party. Whitehead returned to office in late 1999-2000 to transition America by Election fraud, putting George Bush in office in the Presidential election of November 2000.  Durden’s funeral list –

Charles Whitehead “The Mechanic” Whitehead was an ex-auto mechanic who provided police and prosecution protection for the Mafia in Florida and routinely interfered to circumvent exposure of the Mafia’s interest’s as in the case of Stocky Hess owner of a majority of Florida’s Dog Tracks, Hess was caught selling Cocaine at Lowe Smith’s Players night club at Panama City and sought pre-trial protection and Whitehead saved his Florida Gaming License for a price.  “Most often prosecutor’s own notes to themselves help expose corruption.” 

Whitehead got his start being a member of the Pork Chop Mafia at Port St. Joe, FL and the White Western Men’s Club at Bay County. White Western Players have controlled Florida politics for decades and change political party affiliations when their business interests suit associate Cabal members. I defer to an expert on “White Western Men’s” at

Whitehead died in 2014 –

Co-Executors of Whitehead’s estate were Gerald Hamm and James David Finch. Finch is a known associate of George Bush, is a cocaine smuggler who was a member of the Panama City Port Authority who also served time in prison for murder. Finch is an Outlaws Motorcycle Gang business associate and owns biker bars as well as Phoenix Racing, Phoenix Construction who is regularly awarded no bid major U.S. Infrastructure contracts.

In early 2000, I moved up under Whitehead’s residence at exclusive Marina Club condominium at Bay Point, FL.  to spy on Whitehead and James Appleman the State Attorney for the 14th Judicial Circuit of Florida. Appleman myself and Whitehead were close neighbors for a time.

Appleman’s campaign manager was Gerald Stanton - former head of the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation of America at Washington D.C. whose Cabal associates robbed America’s savings and loans under GHW Bush and bankrupted the insurance agency stealing money to build political power in America to appoint their own Judiciary and steal elections. Stanton’s name is at the end of this 1988 report

The Cabal at the FDIC and FSLIC under management of James Weaver and Gerald Stanton managed all assets of failed banks and S&L’s after stealing billions, stashing the money into AmSouth and Union Bank which they controlled. Appleman’s campaign manager Stanton formed Mutual Development Company (MDC) inside a boiler room at defunct Midwest Federal Savings and Loan at Minneapolis, MN to place title to Bay Point Resort and America’s best resorts into Cabal coffers.

Mafia associate Earl K. Durden purchased Bay Point Executive Office Park for a little over $300,000. I’ve investigated the individuals and found they link together as business associates or relatives all engaged in RICO 18 U.S.C. as a continuing criminal enterprise and link directly to Herbert Meisler a Ukrainian business man who moved to Mobile shortly after the assassination of JFK on November 23,1963.

In the early 1980’s-mid 1990’s I owned Resort Information Systems, Inc. a Florida corporation and set up Meisler’s computers, accounting systems and programmed his reservations system at Edgewater Beach Resort where President Donald Trump was introduced to his former wife Marla Maples Trump working for Meisler.  Meisler his brother in law Harold Ripps, business associates Wes Burnham and others are affiliated with the Russian Mafia and I was forewarned about their deep Mafia ties by Eaton Leasing Company in 1983.

                About Me

 Investigative Journalist John Caylor - In March 2011, last time I was living in Alabama and asking questions about United States Chief Federal District Judge Ginny Granade’s apparent bribes and money laundering activities buying and selling the same land over and over at Baldwin County, Alabama to her buddy Crosby, little did I know my computer and telephone inquiries were being monitored by Big Brother. 

It was 3 days later when copies of property deeds and sale records I suspected to be a payoff for services rendered, arrived at my Cypress Village townhouse from Davidson County Tennessee Clerk of Court. Less than 12 hours after opening the Federal Express package and scanning the deed documents into my computer, my residence was raided by United States Marshall’s and Orange Beach Police.

Supervisory U.S. Marshall Copeland, refused to arrest me after he learned I was a legitimate Journalist. Copeland who was retiring lightly implied I might leave the area after viewing documents I obtained from Davidson County, TN, where Granade and her family were given a large lot (publicly owned property with a schoolhouse on it) down the street from Baptist Medical Center in Nashville.

When I back tracked legal documents on the land I discovered “Judge Granade’s family which includes U.S. Central Intelligence Agency General Bowen Ballard” did not have any legal claim to the land except they claimed they were “Kin Folks” and the gift was made over 100 years ago, often-a-rouse. Granade and her family have often made claims to be from one prominent family to another, “I verified this characterization” with a retired 92-year-old FBI agent whom I trust. Over the course of 32 years I’ve listened to FBI and DEA agents on-the-take use “Kin-Folks” explanation for sudden windfall wealth.

                      Judge Virginia Smith Granade and family at Country club party

  Granade was the Assistant United States Attorney whose area responsibility was Andalusia, Opp, area where sanctioned cocaine flights landed in 80’s late 90’s.

Operation Skymaster kicked off at Mobile, Al after the February 1986 Assassination Murder of “Barry Seal, a high level D.E.A. informant and Medellin Cartel pilot.” Seal was

To testify at a Baton Rouge, LA. Federal Grand Jury “The United States Government was in the Dope Business.”  Seal told his handler Jake Jacobsen Testifying marked him for

immediate death.” But the D.E.A. was struggling to tell America the real story, Seal had to testify – he never made it to court a George Bush appointed federal Judge announced to the press where Barry was living.”   Barry’s widow Debbie Seal visited me at Enterprise in 1999, as I am only person alive to have listened to Barry’s secret tapes with his D.E.A. and CIA handlers.   The Mobile Register did an excellent job documenting Skymaster,  according to very few who knew about it.


United States Senator Jeff Sessions, Mentor to federal Judge Ginny Smith Granade and federal Judge Kristi DuBose his girls watching over South Alabama operations. Below is a recent Email from a Confidential Source in the know in the Southeast U.S. Portions have been deleted as it is a confidential transmission.


An example of outlandish claims was made by Jeff Sessions

 when he squeezed his girl Ginny past his boys in the Senate without a vote when he told them Granade was granddaughter of a famous U.S. Judge Richard Rives which Granade did not comment, other than to state Rives was her personal hero. Ginny also clerked for U.S. District Judge John Godbold a director for the CIA’s Central Bank of Montgomery. On her Facebook page Judge Granade professed to being the great granddaughter of Milton Smith of the L&N Railroad – Smith was reported to be over the surface line Rail Road of the Confederacy a claim that seems to be validated “but” in dispute with other records of the time.

See Senate transcript here at.

The land Ginny and her sisters took had been pre-sold to Seton Corp. for $1.3 Million. Granade, and her associates have wrecked hell on my life and I wound up at the Canadian border near Vancouver in jail for 8 months on trumped-up bullshit charges, 3 of which were solitary confinement and never did get phone call. While I was in jail my computers and 23 years of documents outlining the fascist criminal cabal run by Jeff Sessions and associates were seized and never returned.

At the top in Congress, here’s how it’s done with a wink and nod, key former U.S. Justice Department Attorney’s, are squeezed through the Senate without a vote by Senator Jeff Sessions and other fascist cabal members and appointed as un-removable federal judges. Once they get on the court they continue to receive lifetime perks of gifted land they never owned but report to be from a belated inheritance often gifted from kin over 100 years ago, as in Judge Granade’s Tennessee case, where kinship and family are everything.

Judge Granade known as Bi-Lesbian, in some circles issued the Gay marriage ruling legalizing homosexual marriage in Alabama, later to upheld by the United States Supreme Court. She launched an unexpected incendiary moral and ethical bomb upon the United States. The Ruling in the Gay Marriage case has deeply divided the nation and appears by those who once knew her was made upon Granade’s own intimate and personal sexual persuasions.



The failed raid by United States Marshall’s and Orange Beach Police at my new residence couldn’t have come at a worse time on the heels of the BP Oil spill (making me deathly sick in bed for 6 months forcing me onto property owned by Colonial Properties the parent forerunner to the CIA’s dirty money (Warehouse Mortgage) bank, Colonial Bank at Montgomery, Alabama seized in 2009 and liquidated to other CIA sponsored banks at BB&T and Regions Bank.  BB&T built dozens of banks in the Southeast U.S. two years ahead of the national financial collapse in August 2008, their banks sat empty awaiting the “Robbery Bailout” influx of taxpayer money and deeds to thousands of homes of irate owners who are having to fight for title to their homes.

  CIA General Bowen Ballard

  A Granade Family Relative

See Jeff Sessions tribute to him at

Public records which have not been “ERASED or EXPUNGED” by Alabama officials for the Cabal and diligent investigation reflect “Colonial Bank of Opp, AL” and its sister “Central Bank of Montgomery”, were apparently formed to clean-up cash proceeds from illegal cocaine importation operations into South Alabama-Northwest Florida beginning in early 80’s. General Ballard was the founding member of the bank at Opp, Alabama along with Mafia kingpin Milton McGregor a Slocomb, Alabama native, prominent Alabama United Methodist Minister John Ed Mathison and others. It is believed the Cabal currently hides some of their assets in the Alabama-Northwest Florida United Methodist Fund at Dothan, AL. 

Senator Jeff Sessions is a board member at the fund along with Herbert Barr an Enterprise CPA whose firm does the books for most all cash business and suspected money laundering concerns in Northwest Florida as well as Alabama Dixie Mafia, gambling Dog – Horse Track – Casino Kingpin Milton McGregor, and the Casinos in Las Vegas and Macau, China, owned by Sheldon Adelson, who is reported to be an Israeli Mossad Asset.

Adelson is a major international figure who funds political campaigns in America and funded John McCain and Mitt Romney’s failed Presidential campaigns with money from Macau, Gay casinos in China.

Casino Dog-Horse-Track Kingpin Milton McGregor (above) was Billy Grice’s AKA William Howard’s protégé. Billy was my father’s protégé when McGregor and Billy Grice worked D.O.L. Supply at Fort Rucker, AL. In 1967, Billy, John Hugh Caylor my father’s first cousin and McGregor stole avionics (radar) to outfit Israeli fighter jets to launch a successful six-day-war against Egypt. Billy and John Hugh Caylor were later charged and convicted in federal court taking the fall in theft and perjury instigated by the CIA and Montgomery Congressman William Dickinson of the Armed Services committee.

Billy was later transferred from Atlanta to the federal prison at Maxwell AFB, Montgomery where Billy became close friends and legal aide to U.S. Attorney General John Mitchell, a former corporate lawyer who was serving time for his Watergate crimes. Prior to being sent to Maxwell, at the Atlanta federal prison Billy had become a member of the Aryan Brotherhood along with Doyle Ray Henderson, a Birmingham native whose radical prison gang was engaged in armor-car robberies throughout the U.S.

 Billy’s best friend and legal beagle with him at the Atlanta prison law library was master bomber Walter Leroy Moody later the only person charged and convicted in the VANPAC federal court bombing conspiracy case for the murder of Judge Robert Vance, Alabama Governor Don Seigelman’s former law partner.

 Vance who was an 11th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals judge at Atlanta was to hear an appeal from Miami Judge King’s court by the Christic Institute against the CIA and George H.W. Bush and 29 defendants as members of an alleged cocaine - arms smuggling network, including retired Army Maj. Gen. John Singlaub; retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Richard Secord; arms dealer Albert Hakim; former National Security advisor Robert Owen; a leader in the cocaine smuggling Medellin cartel, Jorge Ochoa, and former CIA director of covert operations Theodore Shackley.

The case ended abruptly with Judge Vance’s assassination. In 1990, Ron Williams Supervisor at United States Bureau of Tobacco and Firearms Birmingham office (BATF) enlisted me to work inside Judge Vance’s bombing conspiracy case with them and the FBI. In large part due to successful resolution and subsequent federal court convictions with deceased (BATF) agent Robert Sides in an attempted Halloween night 1980 bombing case at Cowboy’s Night Club, Dothan, Al.

As an extension of the “drug and alcohol war” night club case, I again went under-cover inside the Dixie Mafia with the Dothan-North-Florida Thomas and Lorenzo Smith Crime family of the Southeast. My case agent Robert Sides had become my best friend and had a wife and 2 young children. Among the people being looked at were family members of the James Ott Family who owned and fronted many bars and lounges, Earl K. Durden and the Smith brothers.

The Smith Brothers were associated with the NYC Genovese crime family and owned Smith Toyota at Dothan, Marianna and Panama City, Florida. Long before I managed to wiggle my way back into their organization in 1981, I had suspected they were involved with the bungled 1977 FBI sponsored Sandy Creek Smuggling case where 4 people were murdered. Among important information I acquired before being violently extracted at gunpoint at Panama City in early October 1981, was 62-year-old Lorenzo Smith with whom I had become a confident was married to 21-year-old Debbie Spring Smith whose father later became the Supervisory agent of the Jacksonville, FL regional FBI Headquarters. My case agent Bobby Sides was murdered at the same time and I quit assisting anyone until recalled into action in February 1990 when judge Vance’s assassination struck home.

Judge Robert Vance

Judge Vance was ordered assassinated by Senate Judiciary Chairman Howell Hefflin to terminate an appeal before him by the Christic Institute from Judge King’s court of Miami against the drug smuggling Cabal. I know this fact due to intricate knowledge of events and evidence as well as personal knowledge with the co-conspirators.

When Billy Grice left Maxwell prison he sent out 300 resumes and phoned the people he took the fall for asking for help, none of them responded. To make matters worse while he was in prison my father’s former police officers Jake Heath and Larry Baxter robbed Billy’s Enterprise residence and stole millions in frozen cash after raiding his closet of $500 suits. Billy who was a good pilot became one of America’s first cocaine smuggler’s to use an airplane to haul loads of product into the United States, Billy personally told me Milton McGregor was his first main street distributor in the U.S. 

Billy and McGregor both built side by side homes at Enterprise and continued their relationship as friends until the Mafia promoted McGregor higher up in the food chain.  Billy who died a few years ago was best friends with Lawrence Johnson my mother’s husband, Larry and Billy were both 32nd degree Mason’s, Larry was the Imperial Potentate of Alabama Shriners whose network members included police officers and judges often used by them to carry out covert acts, including the assassination of federal Judge Robert Vance in December 1989.  More on this later in this series.

Other Methodist board members include Ross Cotter and Ballard business partners and owners of firms apparently engaged in laundering money. The Cotter family at Enterprise were personal friends of mine for 32 years and we broke over the unsolved blunt force trauma beating death of my Mother Nellie Caylor August 2, 2006 who suspected she would be murdered and was desperate for protection 6 days before her murder, she frantically sought my help by telephone and it was clear her phone was subject to an illegal wiretap.

The Cabal made a Monster out of my mother, I could not have an open casket funeral for her, a typical hallmark signature of a Mafia hit. I have anguished heartedly placing the cold slab photo of her on the internet but she would’ve wanted me to do so and continue my fight against the bastards, as she knew them well for their cruel and evil diabolical acts. FBI agent James Roberson of the Panama City, Fl. field office was aware of the threats against me, it was me who everyone expected to be murdered, I was advised 2 weeks before mother’s murder to spend time back at my Mobile residence, to my regret I did so.

 In the 50’s and 60’s my father was the Chief of Police for 14 years at Enterprise before becoming a real estate developer and builder. Enterprise and Southeast Alabama has always been known as the murder capital of Alabama. Victims are routinely attacked, put on life support, transported to Dothan hospitals and unhooked from life support and no law enforcement agency or coroner will investigate, perform an autopsy unless family pays for it, they claim the death occurred outside their jurisdiction. There will be more to reveal from this segment as I publish more about the principal players and minions who serve them.

 Mother’s niece’s children worked inside Barr’s CPA firm for decades and were finally able to escape service to them and confirmed some of the above allegations. Other sources of the information over a 32-year period are family members of the Cotter family and my own personal business and professional dealings with them. 




United Methodist Minister John Ed Mathison obtained his connections to the Mafia when he pastored a Methodist Church in the Phenix City, AL area and then moved his ministry to the Dothan, Opp/Andalusia, Alabama area when the United States Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) was running Heroin from Southeast Asia into local airports using USAF transport airplanes with body bags of dead servicemen. A major part of the operation from Southeast Asia was made into a Movie starting Russel Crowe named “American Gangster” see also New York Times – on related

Volumes could be written about how Tea Party Republicans are rewriting American history by censoring, redacting and destroying government archives of official records, a crime. A look at the Colonial Bank filing above compared to the new one below shows, Secretary of State Merrill is definitely covering up, altering records to shield exposure to the Cabal. It’s a good thing the old record was on a thumb drive.  Records are crucial to properly investigate criminal acts and business associations and I’ve even been put in jail for trying to get records corrupt public officials and clerks sought to hide from view. 




                                                  Retired U.S. Army Colonel Bill Benton

                                                    Opp/Andalusia Airport manager 

                      Caught Off-Guard by me in when asked about CIA’s Tepper operations at the airport 

The Dixie Mafia smuggling operation relies upon retired U.S. Airforce and Army Colonel’s like Bill Benton former manager of the Opp/Andalusia Airport shown above, they were to insure safe delivery of illegal narcotics cargo often in United States Air Force C-130 Cargo planes or weekend civilian aircraft. Retired U.S. Army Rangers with law degrees were deployed by the Cabal as Assistant District and State Attorney’s in the South Alabama Northwest Florida smuggling drugs is just a gas tank away from Colombia. Cocaine and recreational drugs are not only big business but a symptom of insanity that devastated America. My research shows the devastation was well planned by the people exposed in this document. 


 General Bowen Ballard’s (CABAL- TEA PARTY MEMBERS) flow chart connections shown on front page shows many business links to Ballard’s associates.  It should be noted “Identity Ventures, Inc.” is based in Israel and is reportedly tied to Mossad the deadly intelligence agency. Israel was the financial backer of Tepper Aviation, Inc. at Crestview, FL. and signed to purchase 19 C-130 cargo aircraft to import Cocaine, export munitions and weapons to third world nations engaged in violent revolutions and to ferry diamonds from Angola and Zaire to Israel, a nation which has little income. The front men for Tepper Aviation are from Dothan, Alabama and Crestview, Florida.

The bookkeeper for Miami Toyota - Gracie Petty now living in Niceville, FL was the figurehead for Tepper and many Toyota dealers of the Southeast were engaged in national distribution of Cocaine as in the Ron Samuels Toyota of Pensacola case and the Smith family Toyota dealers at Dothan, Marianna and Panama City, Florida.   In the Original publication of this series in 2006 Wayne Madsen and I outlined some of the connections at that time.

General Ballard and his business associates reportedly own thousands of rental apartments in Alabama and Florida. In the 2008-09 time frame General Ballard was given millions in federal winterization grant money by Congressman Terry Everett, my old newspaper boss. In 2010, I was given those documents verifying the grants not only to Ballard but to close associates and family members like Ginny and her sisters. Some of the KEY PLAYERS TIED TO ORGANIZED CRIME ARE SHOWN AT BEACON RIDGE BELOW.

 When the BATF and the FBI had me working federal Judge Vance’s assassination (VANPAC) in 1990, I discovered Joel Dubina, another Reagan federal Judge in the Middle District of Alabama was a partner in another apartment complex at Enterprise with the key players of the Cocaine Cabal. Due to Judge Vance’s assassination, Dubina was named to replace him on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta. It must be noted little information if any is provided to the public as to photos - history and past life of members of America’s judiciary.


General Ballard began his career at Maxwell AFB in the early 70’s as President Richard Nixon’s Watergate Scandal forced Nixon to resign for using those same spying, Dirty Tricks tactics on media associates in the New York, Washington D.C. Ballard reportedly trained Saudi Arabian and Egyptian pilots one of the pilots trained at Maxwell was Mohammed Atta, who flew an airliner into the World Trade Center and Ballard became close to Royal Family members and was reported to me by reliable sources in the 80’s, the sponsor of individuals imported to the Destin, Panama City area namely “Dr. AHMED ELKADI” who formed the first “Muslim Brotherhood Chapter” in the United States operating from Akbar Clinic at Panama City, FL.  Based upon years of diligent extensive research and investigation, Ballard and his associates appear to have established an extensive money laundering and international political machine using organized crime associates in the Northwest Florida-South Alabama area. According to a source Ballard taught Jeff Sessions how to fly an airplane.


Ginny Granade’s close friends and business associates “former Criminal Appeals Court Judge Pam Baschab” and Mrs. Crosby, Ginny’s husband’s law partner Weeks Bay homes shown above also are recipients of Weeks Bay Foundation where the state of Alabama has invested Millions to buy “Access Rights-Conservation-Easements” to their homes on Weeks Bay.

Republican Congressman Kingmaker Jack Edwards lives at Point Clear, Alabama and is known for crashing a White House dinner of President Lyndon Johnson. Edward’s is part of the far-right Tea Party Agenda of the Cabal. He has dictated who would be Alabama congressman since he relinquished his office to Congressman Sonny Callahan and is responsible for appointing current Alabama congressman Bradley Byrne. Edwards also was the one who created the Weeks Bay Foundation.

The Plan Jack Edwards put into effect for Weeks Bay to scam money from taxpayers disguised as a front protecting the environment, is a well formulated, complicated plan designed by the CIA and deceased St. Joe Company CEO Ed Ball. The St. Joe Company is largest land owner in the nation and controls a majority of all undeveloped land in Florida. Kurt Brand my former Florida business partner was St. Joe’s Comptroller working under Joe owned Florida National Banks at Jacksonville. Kurt often flew with Ed Ball and other top St. Joe officials to Iran where-in-flight Ball would command his subordinate’s to break out the whiskey.  Ball would stand and shout – Nobody Drinks until I do – A Toast – “Confusion to the Enemy!”

Because of my personal and business association with Kurt Brand I became more experienced in forensic accounting and money laundering methods used by organized crime in part from his divulgence of then current “criminal information” to me. Kurt was employed with both the FDIC/Resolution Trust. In the early 90’s both of us were rated in the top 100 criminal bank and money laundry fraud investigators on the Eastern seaboard seeking jobs with the new RTC Resolution Trust corporation formed to investigate bank and S&L failures of the Bush era.

Kurt took me under his wing due to my acquired knowledge of accounting systems and my involvement with the 1986 CIA/MAFIA/DGI Topsail Hill Case at Destin, FL. Where Enterprise CPA Herbert Barr and the Cabal’s attorney’s and title men at Panama City engineered a 1986, $210 Million robbery of 3 national Savings and loans using a “Confusing land Deal” along FL. 30-A in Walton County.

As part of the land sale it was required all adjoining land be made part of the agreement for purchase from the St. Joe Company. There was 1/8th interest of an acre being held by Spinster Isabel Crane a Maryland mistress of the late Ed Ball required to make the deal fly. Isabel was dead as hell but Barr, George Ralph Miller, Herbert Hodges, Gene Green and Senator Lawton Chiles formed Cypress Products to dig her up and put her signature on the deal.

Cypress Products bought Isabel’s land for $45,000 and flipped it to St. Joe in exchange of (22 acres of prime beach front land). I used to belong to a small group of renegades who would often find Telex’s from the NSA and other important documents concerning outrageous conduct. After the deal went down we went to work all unpaid on our own nickel to unearth yet another bank robbery going down associated with the boys.

We took the deal apart and long after taxpayers were reeling over yet another bank bailout we were still fighting with the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s to prosecute the bastards. Before the jury returned with 10 guilty verdicts, FBI agent Barry Witrick a damn good man from the Fort Walton Beach office was finally given the go ahead to nail Herbert and his Genesis Boys that’s what we called them.  The case like so many was sucked into that Great Black Hole in the Beltway.  Click here for my Emerald Coast Insider article relating to the Joe Company and the DGI case.

See the Federal Court Criminal case that has been hidden

It appears from casual review, former Congressman Jack Edwards Week Bay Foundation smells like the DGI-CIA in miniature. I have attached those documents and will point follow the money trail in updates. Just looking up the name Stizenmuller will drive you nuts! A hallmark of Confusion to the Enemy at Weeks Bay on Gavin Lane.

How to dish out $85,000 to straw men who can’t be traced

The Alabama state payments are funneled through “South Alabama Community Foundation” as direct Grants to buy invisible rights and payees often are bogus. Former Alabama Congressman Jack Edwards set this scheme up when he was in Congress and his protégé Congressman Bradley Byrne’s wife handles the fund at

  Alabama Congressman Bradley Byrne and Wife Rebecca of Community Foundation

The Community Foundation has been used to disburse direct U.S. Government grants to various fictitious non-profits and is sending huge amounts of taxpayer money to the Israeli government earmarked for Israeli defense. In my travels around the United States since Jeff Sessions fascist cabal took my home and put me in the streets of America I uncovered the same pattern of corruption and embezzlement of funds earmarked for the poor and digested by families, political associates, church groups and political groups associated with George Bush, I agenda through his 1000 Points of Light Program and hundreds of Community Foundations in each area of the nation which have returned America to poverty, forcing white and black Americans to resort to crime to sub-exist.

The Cabal’s criminal acts in concert with their associates reflect a crystal clear plan to overcome and replace democracy in America with their new style of American Fascism, since 1981 with smuggling of narcotics into America and bankrupting America’s Treasury causing massive bank failures and scooping up the proceeds to build more power. Here’s another insertion into a starting point with their unshakable-corruption.

What I’ve learned – the law enforcement group inserted their people at key United States locations and guard the borders and do not let citizens on their list leave or enter the United States. Bill Elfo, Sheriff at Whatcom County, WA. Is from South Florida and was pals with Broward County, FL, Cuban born Sheriff Nick Navarro. Navarro inserted Cuban born Felix Rodriguez (CIA-Iran/Contra) into his narcotics department in the 80’s and groomed officers to be dispatched nationally, like Elfo and others who gained their positions in far flung places after sudden deaths of top cops. The early forerunners to the plan are:

Pastor Bob Jones, Sr. Slocomb, Alabama native, founder of Bob Jones University who developed ideology and tactics used by the CIA in corruption plan. The Tea Party Mafia’s early beginnings were based at Port St. Joe, Florida and Cuba because of sugar importation, a key ingredient of “Bootleg Moonshine Whiskey” outlawed by Volstead Act, 18th Amendment.

Many of the Dixie Mafia’s families and relatives are still at Slocomb and the Wiregrass area where they have run importation and distribution of toxic waste with the Bay Line Railroad and Geneva Environmental a mobbed up disposal company which once owned all rights to incinerate household garbage trucked from New York and New Jersey to the Bay County Incinerator. Slocomb resident Earl K. Durden purchased the Bay Line exclusively to make billions for the Tea Party group illegally disposing of toxic waste.

Durden was appointed by Jeb Bush as Director of the Florida Department of Transportation until his death. Durden and his close Republican party associates founded the Northwest Florida Transportation Corridor Authority who hijacked trillions in taxpayer funds and closed the doors to anyone who wanted to see where the money went.

Another Wiregrass resident is;

Mafia Dog Track and Casino man Milton McGregor is from the area around Hartford as well as many individuals working in organized crime operations. The CIA drug smuggling operation appears to have been implemented at some point on the heels of operation Sunburn in 1981 when it was completely hijacked by Panama City, FL resident Carr Penta (deceased-former Deputy Director of Intelligence, United States Central Intelligence Agency.

 In 1992, Penta brought me on board to jump ship from my work at U.S. Customs Criminal Intelligence at Gulf Shores and Pensacola to work contract for the D.E.A. after Jeff Sessions, Ginny Granade’s boss, wanted to arrest me for possession of Classified documents revealing the CIA’s Tepper Aviation operations at Crestview, Florida tied to Rove associate Bill Canary’s Trucking network. Bledsoe’s bio is provided below by  SourceWatch

Thomas M. Bledsoe


Part of a series on

the CIA's covert airline

The planes:

Alleged rendition aircraft

Other CIA-linked aircraft


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Alleged CIA front companies

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Other aircrew

Thomas M. Bledsoe is an Alabama-based businessman. He is notable for having previously been a director of Tepper Aviation, Inc., a heavy-lift aviation contractor which is widely alleged to be a CIA proprietary.[1] He is based in Dothan, Alabama.[2]

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Alabama Trucking Association roles

Bledsoe is a previous division chairman (1996)[3] and co-division vice chairman (1998)[4] of the Alabama Trucking Association.

Political donations

A Tom Bledsoe of Dothan, Alabama, contributed $4500 to Governor Jim Folsom's campaign in 1994.[5]

Companies of which he has been a director, incorporator or president

From the Alabama Secretary of State's website:[2]

Bledsoe Mining Co., Inc.

Bledsoe & Bledsoe, Inc.

TMB, Inc.

KOD Leasing, Inc.

Dothan Truck & Trailer, Inc.

Trip Air, Inc.

Freightliner Trucks Of Dothan, Inc.

TMB Rental & Leasing, Inc.

Green Acres 308, LLC

Phun, LLC

Quality Bulk Services, LLC

Articles and resources

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Central Intelligence Agency

Tepper Aviation, Inc.


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Other external resources

Google News Archive - a court case mentioning Bledsoe in his role as Kenworth's president, Supreme Court of Alabama, January 15, 1988.

 CIA Deputy Director of Intelligence Carr Penta who apparently put Tepper Aviation in business also owned Miracle Mile Resort which him and Pennsylvania resident Barry Witchell purchased from John Arnold owner of the Bank of Bonifay and Beach State Bank. Arnold was an old school Dixie Mafia guy whose books I dived into 1988-91 at Panama City.

 It took several years for me to learn that a retired Carr Penta, closed his Miracle Mile Resorts to the public during the winter and secretly trained “all” DEA/CIA people on latest in technology and methods and knew most agents before they were deployed.   WHY AMERICA HAS BEEN FLOODED WITH DRUGS..





Bob Jones started preaching as a young boy at Dothan, Alabama and established Bob Jones University at Lynn Haven, Florida and was run out of the area after reports of animal sacrifice rituals.

AUTHOR OF REAGAN FASCISM PLAN – German, Edward Meese U.S. Attorney General who introduced Executive Order 12,333 unleashing the CIA on America’s streets an Idea fostered by Pastor Bob Jones, Sr. who developed ideology and tactics used by the CIA in corruption plan, which later incorporated importing drugs and spying on the American people. It became known as Spiritual Warfare and Violence and my friend Wayne Madsen and I wrote about it at Insider magazine’s

Rise of the Christian Mafia.

Meese who in October 2013 was the Tea Party’s Wizard behind the scenes as Rubio, Cruz and others following his marching orders to shut down the United States government to prove their power. Rubio is a 30-A Boy and mentored by Al Cardenas another Cuban bigshot financier of George Bush who also employed Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen Thurman with his law firm at several times her salary she earned as Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman.

Ed Meese is now a reanimated Master Deceiver directing America’s descent into the darkness of evil Tea Party style fascism. Much has been written and documented about his 35-year attempt to implement his plan America. Major United States news publications once documented his rise behind the scenes before Meese’s propaganda machine kicked in and erased those articles. Click Here for set-in-stone articles on Meese and links to the legal analysis of Meese Executive Order 12,333 unleashing CIA Plot to overthrow democracy and establish Police State



A look at Broward Sheriff Nick Navarro left who, In 1989 allowed Fox Television crews to ride along with BSO deputies for several months, taping the material which would become the inaugural season of the television show COPS.  CIA Operation Rockpile, I wrote about in 1989 left America’s black communities devastated with wrongful roundups and prison incarceration leading to massive new private prisons.

The Sessions, Meese and Karl Rove Tea Party Agenda forerunner to their new champion standard bearer “Donald Trump in 2016”. CIA Operation Rockplie where cops intentionally rolled down city streets placing crack cocaine often into hands of unsuspecting blacks was adopted by Bill Clinton and lead to passage of “Safe Neighborhood’s Act- Safe Streets Act ”  under Bill Clinton in 1999 that Militarized America’s Police.

The Act also made it a mandatory federal crime to own a gun by inner city blacks who had one at home. Current F.B.I. Director James Comey was the Bush Administration U.S. Attorney at Richmond, VA who promoted the Plan by President Clinton to round up the nations inner-city minorities and ship them off to massive federal prisons for possessing a gun, a Second Amendment right.

But FBI Director Comey did exactly what the law required and during his tenure as FBI Director for the last 3 and one-half years he has reformed the FBI. It would be a serious mistake to remove him. Director Comey is a brave man who has been forced to do a juggling act to keep America safe and from civil war. His evidence against the Communist meddling and effort to install Donald Trump is compelling and some I produced and documented here. 


Félix Ismael Rodríguez Mendigutia (born 31 May 1941) is a former Central Intelligence Agency officer, known for his involvement in the Bay of Pigs Invasion, in the torture and execution of Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara and his ties to George H. W. Bush during the Iran–Contra affair. He is Cuban, of Spanish Basque ancestry.


Under Dictator Batista in Cuba, Fascism flourished United States and Mega-National corporations along with the Mafia owned the casino’s and murdered political dissents as most likely President John Kennedy. The Tea Party Players are those people and dominate the political spectrum in the United States today they are the Cabal secretly backing Donald Trump Agenda. President Trump attended the same private school and Batista’s son during the time he was in New York.


In summation of this installment; the law enforcement group used Nick Navarro and Felix Rodriguez to launch the national ongoing Operation Rockpile in the 80’s, to cook crack with cops selling it on the streets of America, rounding up blacks into school busses transporting them to overflowing jails and newly built Private Prisons, owned by Corrections Corporation of America a private company whose stockholder’s are the “Who is Who” of the national Republican establishment.

It’s the same people who rewarded federal Judge Granade with land and money she never owned when the City of Nashville declared a school house to be surplus and gifted it to Granade’s family and they did the same in 2005 to payoff several other public officials and court officials with other properties once owned by the public.  It’s never-ending corruption that can’t be ended short of revolution.

 In Alabama, Governor Robert Bentley proposed a massive $800 Million-dollar-program Tuesday to build new super prisons in Alabama to control violence, riots and murders in the current prisons. A program in-lock-step with the national Agenda of Trump-Sessions-Ed Meese-Karl Rove, Tea Party agenda which has bankrupted California, Florida, Texas and other states who were targeted by the elite Tea Party Group of Florida’s 30-A at Seaside and Rosemary Beach, the hauntingly rich where international movers and shakers have vacation homes funded by the CIA.   


Additional Raw Data and information may be obtained at

 David is a trusted research analyst I often rely upon who has his own blog